As much as sports touch virtually everyone in one-way or another, and is part of our American culture, so is fast food. As a matter of fact, if you took all of us together, every man, woman and child, in the United States already spend $532 dollars per year in fast food establishments! Presently, hot dogs are still considered a large untapped market with unlimited potential.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, more than 6 billion hot dogs are eaten. That's enough to circle the earth more than four times, by the way.

In the United States, about 580 hot dogs are eaten every second - that's about 50 million every day, more than 18 billion a year? or 80 hot dogs per person in the course of a year.

95 Percent of homes in America purchase hot dogs!


• Americans spend over 133 BILLION dollars each year on fast food and,
• Americans consumed over 16 BILLION hot dogs last year, which makes BELLY STUFFERS the perfect franchise concept of the 21th century.

A place to eat like never experienced before! BELLY STUFFERS has combined America's oldest and most loved pastimes, fun and food.

BELLY STUFFERS is a fast food franchise serving hot dogs and other profitable menu items.

Make your selection from our scoreboard, place your order with the referees behind the counter and cheer for your favorite team. BELLY STUFFERS make eating fun and affordable again for everyone? it's as American as baseball, hot dogs and mom's apple pie.

The name Hot Dog was coined when a cartoonist drew a picture of dachshund sausages (the term for hot dogs in 1901). Since he couldn't spell "dachshund", he wrote "hot dog". The name caught on. So will "Belly Stuffers"!

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